Alligator Attacks 85 Year Old Woman: How Did The Alligator Attacks Happen? Check Full Details On Incident From Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

Latest News Alligator Attacks 85 Year Old Woman

This article Provides information on Alligator Attacks 85 Year Old Woman. And also delivered details about incidents and more.

Did the alligator attack an old lady? How old is she? Is the lady alive? The terrifying alligator catch video was captured in Florida, the Southeast region of the United States. The 85-years older woman’s death happened while protecting her dog from the alligator. Get more details about the scary Alligator Attacks 85 Year Old Woman in this article. 

How did the Alligator Attacks happen?

On 20th February 2023, Monday, an alligator attacked and killed the 85 years old woman. An alligator nearby a lake in the retirement community killed her. The neighbour saw the incident. The neighbour said that Gloria Serge, the older woman, was walking with her dog near Spanish Lake Fairways 55. By that time, an alligator dragged her into the water at the lake area near the older community. An elderly lady died and saved her pet dog in this alligator attack.

Alligator attack Viral On Instagram.

An old lady, while walking with her dog on Monday, was killed. The alligator pulled the lady into the nearby pond. The incident happened nearby the Ft. Pierce community. The Wildlife Conservation Commission said that the old lady tried to save her dog from the alligator in this attack. 

Alligator attack Viral On Instagram.

As a result, the lady was pulled into the lake deeper and died in this incident. The dog was saved and survived. The alligator which was attacked the lady is 10 feet long. All these terrible attacks are caught in the surveillance camera. 

Who is the witness?

The horrible alligator attack on an old lady is viral on Telegram and other social media platforms. The old lady was walking in the community nearby the lake withholding the dog. By the time of the alligator attack, she tried to release her pet from the alligator’s grip. 

Serge struggled with the alligator, and it has bitten her. Her neighbour Carol identified the attack, and she tried to save Serge. But it was too late. 

Who responded to the attack?

The 85-year-old lady attack news was trending on Twitter also. FWC officials said Serge succumbed to her wounds immediately after the attack. Rescuers recovered the lady’s body from the spot. Her pet dog was saved. 

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Fish and Wildlife officials reacted to the call about an alligator bite incident. The alligator trapper was 10 feet long, and its weight was approximately 600 – 700 pounds.

Neighbour’s reaction to the attack

The neighbour in the community attacks has not happened frequently. The attacks are very occasional. These alligators can still endanger pets, individuals, and property. Before Alligator Attacks 85 Year Old WomanPeople are advised to maintain a safe distance from the lake and advice from feeding the creatures. Community people are instructed to report FWC’s toll-free number for any alligator nuisance. 

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An elder woman died after an alligator attack near the community pool, which made everyone feel horrible. Watch the terrifying old lady alligator attack details in this link.

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Alligator Attacks Woman video viral on Youtube : FAQ

Q1. Who is attacked by an alligator? 

An elderly lady.

Q2. How old is she?

Years old.

Q3. What Is the old lady’s name?

Gloria Serge

Q4. Is the lady survived from alligator attack?

She died.

Q5. What is FWC’s toll-free hotline number?


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