Differences Between Email and Instant Messaging

Complete Information About Differences Between Email and Instant Messaging

From the first morning message to the final email of the day, whether at home or the office, we chat a lot. In fact, people spend a good part of the day chatting on their phones or computers. 

Today, there are multiple email platforms and several apps for instant messaging. Most people use a mix of different platforms to work or chat with employees, keep in touch with friends and family, or just socialize and share memes. Yet, no matter which you like most, email or instant messaging, you need a reliable connection to work with both. For that, we recommend going for Xfinity internet service. Click here to reach out to their customer support and learn more. 

However, have you ever thought about what is the difference between the two? Although both email and instant messaging are excellent ways to communicate, there are some differences. However, first, it is important to learn a bit about each.

What Are Emails?

Since the birth of the internet, emails have been a major part of it. Used mostly in a business setting, emails are a more professional way of communicating with people. Statistics show that the number of email users is projected to surpass $4.5 billion by 2025. 

What Is Instant Messaging?

On the other hand, instant messaging is a newer but much faster form of communicating with people. It is a more casual form of communication but is also used professionally in businesses. However, it is growing at a massive pace, as statistics claim that by the end of 2025, the number of IM accounts will reach over 9.5 billion.

Comparison Parameters Email IM
Full Form Electronic Mail Instant Messaging
Definition With emails, you can send and receive electronic letters. Instant messaging allows instant message sharing.
Requirements A stable internet, communicating device (phone, tablet, or PC), and valid email address. A stable internet and a communicating device (mostly phone and tablet, maybe PC). 
Allowed attachments All formats supported including audio, video, text, documents, images, etc.  All formats are supported including audio, video, documents, etc. File size limitations may apply.
Extra features Some email suites come with cloud storage.  Many instant messaging software comes with voice and video calling.

Advantages of Emails

Easily Accessible – It is free and easy to create an email account (or even multiple) and use it to send and receive emails. 

Group Chats – emails are useful for chatting with multiple people, a business group, or a large recipient list.

Record – with emails, you can save a long history of previously sent or received messages, threads, and attachments.  

Disadvantages of Emails

Speed – emails are a little time-consuming process, and unlike instant messaging, it may take longer for the recipient to read and reply to the mail.

Trash or Spam – there are a lot of spam emails sent every day, and to be honest, it is frustrating, but it also closes doors for genuine sellers.

Viruses – emails are a common form of a virus transfer medium that hackers use to gain access to people’s computers or hack their accounts.  

Advantages of Instant Messaging

Quick and simple – as the name suggests, instant messaging is the fastest form of communication, and notifications help acknowledge the receiving.

Responsive – with instant messaging, messages are usually sent, read, and replied to within seconds, unlike emails.

Brief – since instant messaging is more casual, the talk is mostly straight and to-the-point, and mostly follows an informal format.  

Disadvantages of Instant Messaging

Interrupting – since notifications let you know if you have received an instant message, sometimes it can be troublesome when it keeps on ringing.

Proprietary – unlike emails, you cannot send messages from one app to another, and both users must use the same app.

No Record – although instant messages save backups, it is not as efficient as emails, and after some time, it removes the oldest backup to save a new one.


Both emails and instant messaging are vital communication tools for businesses. However, it would be best to have a reliable connection, for which you can opt for Spectrum internet. They offer decent packages for both residential and business needs. Call now on their support number to get further assistance. 

Other than that, both these communication forms are safe to use for the most part. However, to ensure maximum security follow essential online security tips to secure your online presence. 

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