Is Fabages Legit (Jan) Read Authentic Website Reviews!

Fabages Online Website Reviews

2022 has brought new fashion trends for both women and men worldwide. Read our “Is Fabages Legit” article to know whether the Fabages company is legit or not.

Are you looking to include new fashionable clothes in your wardrobe? Well, many ecommerce stores in 2022 are bringing massive discounts and amazing flash sales on their products. As a result, most buyers invest their money in new websites and their products.

The United States citizens have been questioning the Fabages website and its products. If you are one of them, please read our “Is Fabages Legit?” post until the end to know our suggestions. Let us begin with the topic.

Can you trust Fabages company?

Clothing websites are countless in the online world. Therefore, it becomes challenging for buyers to shop online because many scam stores are running worldwide. Fabages website is under questioning by many users, for which we are drafting this post. The following points will reveal the essential details about the website in question- Fabages:

  • Address Authenticity: The website’s address locates in Punjab, India. 
  • Trust Index: It has gained a 1% trust index since its inception.
  • Fabages Reviews: We could not find any review on Fabages’ products so far. 
  • Website Age: The website is less than 6 months old as it was created on 9th November 2021.
  • Community Channel: Although the website is not fairly new, it has not created or dedicated any community channel.
  • Missing Details: The company is essentially hiding its address from where it delivers the products and run the business.
  • Payment Information: Fabages only entertain online payments.
  • Broken Links: A few broken links have been found on the official website. Those links redirect us to the homepage.
  • Is Fabages Legit: We do not think so. Fabages is a suspicious website.
  • Market Creditability: It has not established any market creditability.

Our findings have given us legitimacy or scam grounds for the Fabages website. By analyzing the red and green signals of Fabages company, we find it highly suspicious and not trustworthy. Please consider the above-listed points while shopping on Fabages website or shop at your own risk.

Brief about Fabages

Fabages is an online clothing store created on 9th November 2021 to provide fashionable and cost-effective pants, tops, shirts, and many other items for both men and women. 

Is Fabages Legit? Get answers via the website’s specifications:

  • Website:
  • Website Creation Date: 9th November 2021
  • Website Expiry Date: 9th November 2022
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Company Address: Not found
  • Phone Number: +1-332-877-4378
  • Shipping Period: 2-8 working days
  • Shipping Cost: 2 dollars on all orders
  • Refund: Applicable within 30 days. The shipping cost is not refundable.
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Replacement: Not specified
  • Order Cancellation: Not specified
  • Guarantee Customer Satisfaction: Not mentioned
  • Payment Modes: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Dinner Club, JCB, Apple Pay
  • Linked Social Media Accounts: Not found
  • Is Fabages Legit: No

Pros of Fabages:

  • Attractive clothing collection for men and women
  • Universally accepted payment modes

Cons of Fabages:

  • No style and color varieties are available 
  • Zero customer reviews on the products
  • Shipping cost on all products

Know what people have said about Fabages?

Although the Fabages website is approximately three months old, it has not obtained any single customer review on the products. On the google search engine as well, reviews for the Fabages’ website and products are not found. 

However, we found one comment from a user on a third-party post about Fabages while surfing the internet. The user mentioned in the Fabages Reviews that the Fabages company’s phone number was earlier registered, but now it is showing unserviceable, which is a highly red signal for any website.

You can check a post on scam prevention how to get a refund from the credit card if scammed and stay safe. This post will certainly help you get the money back that you previously invested in any website or product, thinking it to be legit.

Our Final Suggestions

Considering our analysis on Fabages, we feel sad to inform you that it is a suspicious website and should not be trusted for fashionable winter apparel until its trust index score increases. Our “Is Fabages Legit” post has finally come to an end. You can also read the “how to get a refund from PayPal for an item not received.

Please share your views on our post and analysis in the comments.

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