Is Uyshed Legit {March 2022} Check The Full Review!

Uyshed Online Website Reviews
This article highlights the reviews to recognize Is Uyshed Legit, we advise you to refer to this article before trying your hand on this site.

Do attractive, classy, and latest wearables; catch your attention?

If yes, then this site of the United States will take away your breath with its winter and summer collections.

This admirable outfit withstands the elements with its design. They offer iconic canvas caps with outstanding functionality.

Do you want to know more about the site? What do you think, Is Uyshed Legit or not?

We have assembled every little detail about the site. To clear all your queries, go through our research below.

Is Uyshed a trusted site

  •  Portal Age: The portal created is new. It has been less than one year (29th July 2021)
  • Portal Trust Score: This website has a trust score is 8%
  •  Social Media Connection: Present on social media platforms such as Instagram with the handle name of Quakermarine, on Facebook as Quaker Marine Supply Cooperation, and Pinterest as Quaker Marine Supply Cooperation.

Let us have look at Uyshed Reviews below

  • Copied Content: There is no confirmation of content originality offered by the company.
  • Customer Reviews: This site provided mixed customer reviews.
  • Contact Address Legitimacy: The contact address provided on the site seems copied from another webpage.
  • Owner information: This company was founded in 1949 by a coast guard in Philadelphia named J. Kadison. This company has a long history of serving people who love the sea. They began to attain specialization in clothing and marine hardware as an outfitter.

Is your doubt clear? Let us verify Is Uyshed Legit

  • The Return and exchange policies: Within 15 days of receipt.
  • Shipping Policy: Orders are typically processed; within two business days. Shipping times vary based on destination and shipping method.
  • Social media links: Three social media are not active.

About Uyshed

The business on this site specializes in marine hardware and clothing. It offers clothing for men and women. They also offer hats and accessories on sale.

In the early sixties, this company became known for its long-brimmed caps, prominently the Swordfish and the Oysterman.

Specifications to verify Is Uyshed Legit 

  • Website Type: This is a virtual website. 
  • The website Address:
  • Email Id: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: Absent
  • Contact Address: The contact address provided on the site – 169 Catesby Rd, Powder Springs, Georgia postcode: 30127
  • Sort and filter option: Present
  • Products Price: All products cost USD
  • Shipping and Delivery Policies: Free shipping on all United States orders. Orders are typically processed; within two business days. Shipping times vary based on destination and shipping method.
  • Payment Options: Debit card, credit card, and net banking
  • Social media links: There are three detected social media links of the site.

To know the answer to the question Is Uyshed Legit or not, keep reading further,

We look for a few pros and cons below.


  • This site has active social media links and connections
  • They offer free shipping all over the United States.
  • They offer the latest trending men’s and women’s wear.
  • HTTPS protocol has been detected. 
  • The email is present.
  • Contact addresses have been provided, on the site.


  • The owner identity of the domain is hidden
  • This domain has been recently created
  • This site has a bad trust score
  • This site does not provide any contact number.
  • The life expectancy of the domain is short.

Uyshed Reviews to the site

A customer review of the site is essential to detect the originality and trust level of the site.

There are not many reviews by clients using this site. The consumer ordered a shirt, and he did not receive it. There was also a comment specifying that the emails on the site are unanswered. 

Furthermore, no trusted sites reviewed this webpage for legitimacy.

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According to our research and reviews, we have come across only one negative review regarding the site. So, kindly refer to verify Is Uyshed Legit before investing.

We recommend you to go through the reviews of the site; and not invest in bulk in this website. 

What do you think about the product selling scheme that the site offers?

Let us know your reviews and experience in the comment section below.

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