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The given post highlights the concern of the leaked uncensored images by Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team.

Have you heard about the fact recently circulating on the internet about the Wisconsin Women’s Volleyball team? Do you want to know the whole story? If so, please read this article to the last and learn about the facts why the Women’s volleyball team of Wisconsin is suddenly trending in the news.

Itsfunnydude11 is the Twitter account from where the Wisconsin Volleyball team videos have been posted lately, creating a sensation among social media. In this video, the players are looking in inappropriate dresses. Let us see more about Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team.

What Is Posted On Itsfunnydude11?  – The Twitter Account Of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team

The photos and video posted on the official Twitter account of the Women’s volleyball team were taken last November when the women’s volleyball team at Wisconsin University won the national championship. In those leaked pictures and videos, the team members are seen partially dressed and in an inappropriate condition.

Leaking pictures and videos without the consent of the persons in the photos and the videos is considered a felony, according to the state jurisdiction. 

Its funnydude11 Twitter and Reddit Videos:

Its funnydude11 is the Twitter handle of a user who has shared uncensored photos and videos of Wisconsin volleyball players celebrating their win in the locker room. Currently, no videos can be seen on this link, but netizens are searching for every video shared by funnydude11 in digital space.

As police have launched an investigation, in this case, they might have removed the photos and videos from this link. The leaking and sharing of pictures and videos have become a crime in this case, as it is being circulated without members’ consent. 

Itsfunnydude11 Reddit does not hold this account. His Twitter account was also terminated because funnydude11 has shared twenty-four videos and photos till now, and due to the Wisconsin players leak, more people are becoming its followers. 

This Twitter handle was started in 2016 and had some interesting videos and photos. The Wisconsin volleyball team leak has made it famous, and netizens are searching this account to see the leaked video.

What are the legal actions taken for this incident?

Wisconsin university police department immediately removed all the pictures and videos of volleyball players and registered multiple crimes in this case. The police are not investigating the players but are searching for the people who leaked the photo and videos on the internet space, as one found is Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team.

The university athlete department is with players and provides all the required services and resources to the students. As the investigation is underway, police refused to share more information on the case. They have also asked people not to share pictures and videos on the internet as they are being circulated without players’ consent and are against the country’s law.

The investigating agency has not given any details on how the photos and videos were made viral on the internet till now. Netizens fully support the students and appreciate the stand taken by the police and athlete department in support of students. 

Are Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team pictures still available on social media sites? 

We can say yes because videos are still present on the Twitter account. But from other social media networks like Reddit, all the images and videos have been removed after passing notice from legal authorities.  

Due to privacy authorization, we cannot share the link for a posted video on Twitter. Still, we are sharing a related snap only to make awareness of how the images can be used by others inappropriately. 

Is there any other similar case happened? 

Yes, many cases happened, and we cannot disclose names as per legal authenticity. But 1 user used to share edited photos of celebrities inappropriately, which created a sensation, as done by Its funnydude11 Twitter. So, things and incidents like this should not be credited and acknowledged. 

Some people enjoy sharing others’ private content publicly. But people need to be aware and stop themselves from acknowledging such posts. 

The Last Words

Media reports say that the unedited videos and images of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team were posted by Twitter account holder Itsfunnydude 11. For now, thw account has been terminated by Twitter officials have terminated the account, and legal actions will be taken. In addition, you can click here to check the Team’s official Twitter account.

What are your thoughts on this unauthorized action done by the Twitter user? Please comment below.

Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team – FAQs

1 – Who has posted uncensored pictures of the Wisconsin Volleyball team?

The Twitter account holder, that is, Itsfunnydude 11 has posted the unedited contents. 

2 – Where has he posted the pictures?

He posted the pictures on his Twitter account, and many have shared them on other social networking sites. 

3 – What do the pictures reveal?

The pictures reveal uncensored pictures of the women’s volleyball team.

4 – How many pictures and videos has he posted?

Itsfunnydude 11 has posted 24 images and videos altogether.

5 – Who is helping the women’s volleyball team in the investigation?

UW Athletics and police are investigating the matter.

6 – Is the account of Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team active?

No, the account has been suspended by Twitter officials.

7 – Why is the volleyball team famous?

The volleyball team has been famous since last November after the Big 10 titles won.

8 – Are the pictures still circulating on the internet?

The pictures are available on the Twitter account, and as per the reports, they will soon be taken down.

9 – Is the account of Itsfunnydude 11 available on Reddit?

No, the account is available only on the Twitter handle. 

Important Note: All the details have been taken from reliable and authentic media resources. 

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