Jon Wysocki Cause of Death Reason: Let’s Know More!

Latest News Jon Wysocki Cause of Death Reason

This article is about Jon Wysocki Cause of Death Reason and some other essential details related to his life. Read more on this topic.

The news of Jon Wysocki’s death has spread across the United States and Canada. This popular drummer was only 53 years old at the time of his death.

Full Name Jon Wysocki
Date of Birth January 17, 1971
Profession Drummer

Jon Wysocki Cause of Death Reason

This post will give you details about Jon Wysocki Cause of Death Reason and some other information related to his life and work.

Jon Wysocki was a talented drummer and a co-founder of the rock band Stained. He passed away on May 18, 2024. People are shocked to hear the news of his death.

The official Twitter account of his band announced his death. After the news, people started pouring onto social media with messages paying tribute to him.

Wysocki joined Lydia’s Castle, a rock band, in 2021. Through his artistic skills, he has stolen the hearts of thousands.

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Although people are trying to know about his death, no official data has been released regarding the cause of his death. According to the Facebook post by a member of Lydia’s Castle, Wysocki was admitted to the ICU. He had some issues with his liver.

People are mourning the loss of such a talented musician. His artistic skill helped him grow in his career quickly. People are interested in learning about his personal life and partner.

Wiki About Jon Wysocki

Wiki About Jon Wysocki

Jon Wysocki was born on January 17, 1971. Wysocki founded the band along with other members. These members include Aaron Lewis, Mike Mushok, and Johnny April. They released their debut album titled “Tormented” in 1997.

The band’s major label debut was “Dysfunction,” produced by Limp Bizkit’s singer Fred Durst. Wysocki left Stained after entering into a dispute with Lewis in 2011. 

Although Wysocki joined the rock band Soil, he never showed interest in recording with them. Despite having some issues with his friend Lewis, he wrote a heart-touching message to pay tribute to him.

Lewis said that his world has changed, and he is so sad to lose such a close friend. He further stated that he loved Wysocki like a brother and that his journey would have been different without him.

Biography of Wysocki reveals many things related to his life. However, there is very less details about his personal life. He joined many bands and took his career forward.

Soil also paid tribute by writing for Wysocki. The band recalls the cherished moments together they spent with Wysocki. They shared happy moments.

Soil wrote that everyone has lost a talented drummer. He was a great artist and a perfect friend. Soil felt proud to have him amongst them.

Age of Jon Wysocki

Age of Jon Wysocki

Jon Wysocki passed away at the age of 53, but he witnessed many achievements within a short period. He emerged as a talented drummer at a young age.

His talent and skill grabbed people’s attention, and they were interested in learning about Jon and his life. Although people are interested in knowing about his Parents, there are few details.

His band, Stained, is quite popular, and people are also interested in learning about it. Stained is a rock band from America. It came into existence in 1995 after Wysocki, along with other members, founded it. 

Later, Wysocki was replaced by Sal Giancarelli after Wysocki left the band. 


Jon Wysocki was a talented drummer, and his death shocked people. Jon Wysocki Cause of Death Reason is in discussion. But there is no official announcement related to the cause of his death.

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