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Do you want to know about the Kauron Harvey incident? Are you eager to know about the death of Kauron? If so, read the article till the end. The video of Kauron Harvey is going viral across Mexico, and people are discussing his death. The people are also trying to know about the incident in detail.

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What Happened with Kauron Harvey?

The tragic incident that happened with Kauron and Paris shocked the people. Paris is a 12-year-old girl who attended the birthday party of Kauron. As per sources, then she found a pistol and shot her 14-year-old brother Kauron. Paris became sad and nervous after shooting her cousin. The family members were shocked to see the sudden demise of Paris and Kauron. The video of the incident has spread across various social media platforms. People are sharing it. Every platform is flooded with various comments once the video got viral. The video has also become Viral On Reddit besides other platforms.

Reactions of the Family Members

Both cousins’ family members are shocked to see the incident in front of their eyes. They could not believe their eyes. The news of death has also aroused various controversial issues. Ordinary people are shocked to hear that a teenage girl has shot her brother and herself. Many people are also criticising the family member for their recklessness. The family members should have become careful while the girl picked the real pistol. The pistol should also not have been kept within the reach of such a young girl. Many have suspected that the girl picked the pistol for entertainment. 

Viral on Tiktok

The video of shooting Kauron has also become viral on Tiktok. People are passing various comments and opinions. People were more eager to know about the incident when the video was circulated across various platforms. The people were shocked to hear that two young cousins had been killed. Some people have stated that the incident was like a Hollywood thriller. Although the incident happened in real life, it was like a thriller film. The video has become viral only because of the thrilling incident. The people are eager to see the whole shooting incident. The security officials reported that Paris and Kauron were both college students. Paris was responsible for the attack, and the video was uploaded on Instagram.

Why was Kauron Killed?

Why was Kauron Killed

There is no particular reason for killing Kauron. Because Paris killed Kauron accidentally when she was playing with a pistol. When Paris was playing with the accurate pistol, a live video was streaming on social media. Thus the video became viral and became accessible to all. When Paris is shocked that she has killed her brother, she also commits suicide, afraid of the catastrophe. Her relatives are expressing grief and anguish as well for such an incident. Paris Harvey’s mother, Shinise Harvey, allowed her daughter to attend Kauron’s birthday party. But she never thought that such an incident would happen. The video is also available on Youtube.

Paris’s mother is still unable to believe her daughter’s sudden demise. The unexpected demise of two young relatives has triggered emotion in everyone’s mind. The family members are still confused about how Paris got the pistol. Now the family members look after each other after losing two young children. Both Kauron and Paris were talented children. They could become friends easily. Their friendly nature attracted more friends to their lives. Now, their family members are mourning for the untimely demise of their children. Both of them had much more possibilities in the future. People have shared the video on various platforms. The video has also been circulated on Telegram.

Investigation of the Incident

Many people have suggested the proper investigation of the incident. However, the video shows directly that Paris shot her brother and herself; some investigation may be required. 

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Shinise Harvey.

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