Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks (Nov-2022)- 5 Tips to Avoid Mafia Wars Job Tips

Complete Information About Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks

Mafia Wars is one of the most popular games played on websites like Facebook and Myspace and the top players make use of a variety of Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks to improve their score. These tips and tricks will help you beat your opponents, and can be applied regardless of the social media website you’re playing on. Below is a list of the top tips and tricks that are able to be used in your game right away.

Energy Packs Maximize by 25% in Mafia Wars

Make sure your batteries are depleted before you use the energy packs. Energy packs increase your maximum energy level by 25% for an entire 24 hours. Many people don’t know that these packs of energy will fully replenish the energy level of your body when it’s empty. However, making use of this is among the most shady among all Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks.

Add Different players in Mafia Wars

Recruit as many different players as you can to your mafia. The primary advantage is that you’ll have the ability to face stronger and larger opponents However, you’ll also require some mafia members to be able to handle boss fights at all levels.

Send Gifts and Energy Packs in Mafia Wars 

Make a fake account to send gifts and energy packs to your principal character. If the mafia you have does not send you enough energy packs or gifts it is possible to make a fake profile in order to get them for yourself. In terms of Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks, it is among the most useful.

Earn Money by Fighting in different cities in Mafia Wars

Fight in different cities in order to earn money. Begin fighting mafias once you’ve gotten access to each city. This will allow you to accumulate funds, for instance Pesos in Cuba which will be used to purchase weapons and Armor to finish the tasks in Cuba.

How To Buy Armor, Vehicles and Weapons?

Buy multiples of each weapon, Armor, and vehicle. Of course, you’ll only utilize one item in a fight however, any amount leftover can get used for arming your mafia well.


Be sure to keep these five Mafia Wars Tips and Tricks to keep in mind each time you play the game will aid you in climbing within your criminal gang and possibly be the top Mafioso with your fellow players and foes. Take a look at these tricks and tips now and you’ll climb higher than you ever have before.

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