Marijuana Newbies: 13 New Cannabis Terms to Learn Today

Marijuana Newbies 13 New Cannabis Terms to Learn Today

Here we will go over 13 new cannabis terms you should learn if you smoke. Cannabis has been around for at least 3000 years, and over time, many terms have come about.

Slang words like jazz and reefer were some of the first words used to describe the plant to stay under the radar.

With so many terms coming and going in and out of the cannabis community, it can feel like you need a dictionary to keep up with the conversation. 

Keep reading to find out the newest cannabis terms.

1) Zaza

Zaza is a term that started popping up around 2020 but has been catching on more recently.

If you hear someone refer to their weed as “zaza,” it means that their bud is exotic or of unusually high quality or THC content.

2) Crumble

Crumble is a dry cannabis concentrate that looks similar to a sea sponge or brown sugar. 

Crumble is made by extracting oil from the cannabis plant at high temperatures. The THC content of this concentrate can get up to %90, so if you’re a new smoker, you might want to leave this one alone until you build a tolerance. 

3) Budtender

A budtender is a knowledgeable employee that serves and assists customers at a marijuana dispensary.

If you ever need help finding the right strain or product, talk to the budtender at your cannabis shop, and they can point you in the right direction.

4) E-nail

An e-nail (electric nail) is a piece of smoking equipment used by dabbers consuming high THC concentrates.

The e-nail is a long metal stick that heats to extreme temperatures and can be used in place of an open flame for dabbing. Typically, the e-nail comes attached to a dab rig.

5) Endo

If you have “endo,” you have a high-quality strain on your hands. 

Endo cannabis will have high THC levels and would have been harvested once fully mature. Any strain can be “endo” if it gets you extremely high.

6) Low-Temp Dab

Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular, so here is another dabbing term.

If someone says, “I prefer a low-temp dab,” It means they prefer heating their concentrate at a lower temperature. Low-temp dabs are heated to about 350 degrees, and the lower temperature provides longer, stronger hits and the most flavor.

7) Quartz Banger

A quartz banger is another type of dab nail, but it is made out of quartz crystal instead of the standard titanium that other nails are made from.

Some people prefer a quartz nail because titanium nails can give a metallic taste to your weed. Also, some think the quartz model looks better than the metal alternative.

8) Gretchy

Marijuana smokers consistently come up with new slang words to use to stay inconspicuous. Just like grass, ganja, and pot, “Gretchy” is the newest word being used in place of the word cannabis.

9) Alaskan Tomato Plant

Saying you have alaskan tomato plants is just a secretive way to say that you are growing marijuana. 

Tomato plants look similar to cannabis plants, and the growing guidelines are similar as well. Saying Alaskan tomato plants makes it easy to talk about your cultivation in public without raising suspicion in places where growing isn’t legal.

10) Moonrock

A cannabis moonrock is basically the champagne of the weed world because they are of the highest quality and potency and can be quite expensive. 

Moonrocks are nugs of weed that are dipped in concentrate and rolled in kief. If you are new to cannabis and are offered a hit of moon rock, you may want to politely turn it down because this product is not for amateurs unless you want to get too high to function. 

11) Salad Bowl

Saying you have a salad bowl is just a creative way to say that you have more than one strain in your bowl. If you get together with your friends and everyone throws down on a bowl with different strains, you have made a salad bowl.

12) Mowing The Lawn

Mowing the lawn is a phrase people say when they burn up all of the fresh green bud on the top of a freshly packed bowl. 

Most people don’t like smoking burnt-up weed, so smoking etiquette suggests that you should only light one section of the bowl at a time, especially if you are smoking with friends. If someone does heat all of the weed in a bowl, you might hear them say, “sorry, I didn’t mean to mow the lawn.”

13) Pearl

Pearls or terp pearls are small balls made from borosilicate or quartz that are placed in the bottom of a dab rig banger. 

While dabbing, the pearl will spin around the bottom of your rig, which helps distribute the heat and concentrate evenly. Using a pearl helps provide smooth and consistent hits.

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