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Marko Niketic Obituary And Wiki

Have you heard about Marko Niketic’s death? Do you know what happened to him? Marko Niketic Obituary And Wiki details are released. People from Serbia, the United States and Germany are in deep stock after hearing the incident of this 17-year-old boy. Marko Niketic lost his life at a very young age on Mother’s Day.

 The news of his death spread in several parts of Serbia as the accident of Marko Niketic was terrible. As per the reports, Marko Niktic’s car was split into two pieces. If you are also interested in knowing the details about Marko Niketic, read the following post.

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Marko Niketic Glenview

Marko Niketic was from Glenview. He was pursuing his graduation and was a few days away from graduation day. Niketic used to go to Glenbrook South High School. The high school hd released the letter of his death on Monday. 

Marko Niketic Glenview

The school wrote in the letter that they are sorry to inform you that Marko Niketic GBS senior has tragically passed away. The news of Marko’s death was released on Sunday. Marko was just 17 years old. Several people around the city are being empathetic for his family. 

On Sunday, Marko met with an accident around 11pm. The accident took place near East Lake Avenue 1200 block, near Meadow Lane Glanview. Three people were also involved in the accident, but they are safe.

 They had acquired some injuries and were taken to hospital. Marko’s car crashed with another car that had a driver and a passenger. Marko had a passenger with him as well. The driver of the other car is safe whereas the passengers are in critical condition. 

Marko Niketic Obituary

Marko Niketic’s last rites were performed by his family and his loved ones. The funeral of Marko Niketic was held at Muzyka & Son Funeral Home – Chicago. The funeral happened on 15 May 2024. The visitation day for the upcoming service is fixed on 16 May 2024. The timing for the visitation is 10:00 am to 11:00 pm in St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery. 

Marko Niketic took birth on 6 July 2006. He was the son of Nebojsa Niketic and Gordana Niketic. Marko had a sibling, Luka. His other family members include his grandparents, Stanko Niketic and Radojka Sulejic. Marko was a loving child and his family loved him a lot. He was an amazing friend, son and grandson. 

Marko Niketic Wiki

Marko Niketic was a 17-year-old boy who passed away in an accident. Marko Niketic died on 12 May 2024. He died after his car hit a Ford Mustang in which a driver and a passenger were sitting. The two cars hit each other and Niketic was declared dead on the scene. The police reached the incident spot and transferred the other victims of the crash to the hospital. 

As per the Marko Niketic Obituary And Wiki report, Marko’s family was later told about the death of their child. Also, Marko lived in Glanview with his family. The details about the other victims are not revealed yet. As per the online websites, the crash is being investigated. 


Wrapping up this article on Marko Niketic Obituary And Wiki, details about Marko Niketic are provided in this article. Marko Niketic’s obituary is available at Muzyka & Son Funeral Home. You can visit this link to know more about Marko Niketic.

Disclaimer: We have not published the accident photos in this post as the pictures might be sensitive to many people.

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