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The article on Matt Riddle Leaked has provided details about the leaked video, Matt’s personal life, and his professional life.

Do you know who Matt Riddle is? Do you watch wrestling shows? Do you like WWE shows? Do you follow the wrestler’s social media accounts? On this note, you must check this “Matt Riddle Leaked article, where we will discuss the recently leaked video of a wrestler. Fans from the United StatesCanada, the United Kingdom, and India are curious about the recent developments.


Matthew Riddle Leaked Video Details 

As per recent sources, a Snapchat video containing private footage of a wrestler named Matt Riddle has been leaked. The video was sent by Matt himself to a person, but he never imagined it to be leaked into the public domain, for example, TikTok, etc. (as per his managing team). 

They confirmed with him, and he said that it was not a hacking case. He sent the video, and the other person installed the video without his consent through masking. When the 24 hours passed, he thought the video would have disappeared, but it was installed and shared without his knowledge. The wrestler, Matthew Riddle, is the victim here and is in shock. 

Disclaimer: We will not provide a link to the video as it contains mature and explicit content. 

Details About Matt Riddle & His Wife

Matthew was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on 14th January, 1986,. His full name is Matthew Fedrick Riddle. He was a standout wrestling and mixed martial arts athlete, eventually finding his way into the WWE in 2018. Riddle’s unorthodox style and background have made him a fan favorite. 

He and Lisa Rennie got divorced in 2022. Matt has three children; Amy Riddle, Allison Riddle, and Zachary Riddle. He also has an Instagram account. He made his debut in the wrestling world in 2015, and since then, he has not looked back in his career. 

Let us now look at the professional details of Matthew Riddle:

Name  Matthew Fedrick Riddle
Age 37 years
Height 6 feet and 2 Inches
Weight 98 Kgs
Debut Date 7th February 2015
Training School Monster Factory
Ring Name Matt Riddle, Riddle or Matthew Riddle

Presence on Social-Media


Matt has 306.2 thousand followers on his Twitter account and follows 1511 people. Matthew joined Twitter in 2010.


Matthew has 835 thousand followers and 1325 posts on his Insta. Riddle follows 1164 people. His profession is mentioned as Athlete in his bio.

Additional Details on Matthew Riddle

This is not the first Matt has been surrounded by controversy. Before the Private Video leak controversy in 2020, an independent wrestler named Candy Cartwright claimed that Matt assaulted her in 2018 during a show as per sources. She filed a lawsuit against him in October 2020, but in March 2021, Candy dropped the allegations. 

The news of his currently leaked video and the footage is all Viral On Reddit and other social media.


Matthew Riddle, the wrestler, is again subject to controversy. Private video footage of him has been leaked in public through his Snapchat. However, Matt himself sent those videos to a person. For more details about Matthew, click here.

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Read Updates On Matt Riddle Video Leak: FAQs

Q1. Who is Matt Riddle?

A1. Matthew Riddle, also knowns as Matt is a famous WWE wrestler. He is associated with the show Wrestle Maina.

Q2. How old is he, and where is he from?

A2. Matt was born on January 14th, 1986; he is 37 years old and was born in Pennsylvania. 

Q3. Is Matt’s leaked video available on Telegram?

A3. The video is unavailable on any social networking platform as it has mature content.

Q4. How was Matt’s private video leaked?

A4. Matt said that he sent the video to someone through Snapchat, but that person installed it and shared it publicly, and he had no knowledge of it. 

Q5. Is Riddle married?

A5. Matt got married in 2011 to Lisa Rennie, and in 2022, the couple divorced.

Q6. Why is the leaked video not available on Youtube?

A6. The video violates the rules and guidelines of the YouTube community because it has private and explicit footage of a person. Thus, it is removed from the platform.

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