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The Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video article states the accurate news about the claimed reports. Read further for clarity.

Did you know that there is an increase in multiple attacks on alligators? Officials are requesting people to be safe and alert. The awareness has increased in the United StatesThe sudden boost in spreading awareness is due to the recent attack on an older woman. 

The video of the alligator attacking this older woman has been trending on social platforms. Very few of them are aware of the accurate news. Recently, Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video reports is capturing attention. Know the exact knowledge here.

Disclaimer: We announce only news that is consistent and authentic. We spread awareness with accurate evidence with thorough research.

About the search for the alligator that ate the old woman video

Nowadays, people are searching for the answer to whether the old lady attacked by the alligator was eaten by it. Our research found no answer, and there was no video showing the old lady eaten by an alligator.

The alligator indeed attacked an older woman. But the rumours that she was eaten by it are completely untrue. However, the story is circulated on Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Reddit. 

Numerous threads were formed on Reddit, and the general public inquired about it on social platforms.

The alligator attack incident

Gloria Serge, an 85-year woman, was taking her dog for a walk near a Spanish lake in Florida. She saw away from the pond, and a speeding alligator was approaching her. The alligator seemed to aim at her dog. Unfortunately, the old lady was caught by the deadly alligator.

The alligator pulled and dragged into the water. Unfortunately, she got killed in this incident. An anonymous individual circulated the recent report of Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Reddit. But it was completely false news.

The tragic incident occurred on 20th February 2023 at Fort Pierce, Florida. This incident was captured on the nearby installed camera and was circulated on social media for awareness.

The eyewitness on the spot

Carol Thomas is the first individual who tried to save her from the attack of an alligator. But she was unsuccessful. Henry is the second witness who instantly calls 911 for help. The officials were alerted by him, saying that the older woman was near the lake and the alligator had caught her.

Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video is trending among the public with proofless reports. Read further to know about the alligator’s status.

Where is the alligator now?

The officials caught the Alligator after the reporting of the attack. Some of you would be curious to know the capturing scenario. So we researched further and got some reports for you.

The Florida fish and wildlife commission (FWC) team was developed immediately after the reporting. The team prepared the instant plan to capture the alligator. 

The search was urged on the spot of the incident. The Arial surveillance was instantly installed to monitor the alligator’s movement inside the lake.

Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video onlookers did not get any link about the woman eaten by the alligators to date.

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The tragic alligator attack shocked several members of the public residing nearby. Though the alligator is caught, the fear remains among the public. Did this report claim the expected fact? Reply in the comments.

Old Lady Eaten by Alligator Full Video–FAQs

Q1. How long was the alligator? 

11 feet. 

Q2. Does the dog die after the incident?

No, the dog survived.

Q3. Is the original clip still available on the net?


Q4. Where do the officials find the alligator?

After a thorough search the alligator was found resting deep in the water 

Q5. Does Gloria Serge’s family state the grief? 

No, there are no official reports from Gloria’s family.

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