Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit: Check The Update for Video Clip Link Went Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Telegram Networks!

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This post will analyze why the Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit video got viral and who is involved in this shameful incident.

How many of you like to play Pokimane? We can bet you that many are in love with this game. It is one of the favorite games of people in Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Australia, and the United Kingdom

Recently the game has been trending on social media platforms and news, not because of its update or changes but due to some leaked videos. So, after researching and analyzing, we found more information about Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit. To know how this video leaked and what this video is all about, read the post till the end.

Disclaimer: We are against promoting and supporting such incidents. The details mentioned are only for educational purposes and taken from authentic media and social source. Links are shared in the respective social header. No link contains any indecent content. 

Why has the game been trending recently?

Pokimane is a 26-year-old personality on Twitch who gets undressed accidentally. She accidentally got naked in the upper portion on November 15, 2022. While streaming Overwatch 2, her cheat came out of her shirt for a sec. However, the young star managed her clothes from behind, but the camera was on, so this awkward situation got recorded. 

Soon after realizing the situation, she deleted the clip of her wardrobe malfunction. Further, the links to the videos are mentioned below in the article. 

Video Clip Viral Link On Twitter

She deleted the video soon after knowing the situation. But some unknown users enjoy this awkward situation with unethical posts on social media platforms, including Twitter. However, some users have shown their sympathy for this young star. Some people have also opposed this video, as humiliating women on social media is wrong.

Though the moderators delete the video, the video still gets viral enough to humiliate Pokimane. She is one of the well-known stars of Twitch, with thousands of followers. In addition, she is also recognized as a voice favoring women. However, watching the Pokimane in the viral video on Instagram is miserable.

What is the reaction of Authorities?

Soon after the incident, this 0.03-sec video went viral across all social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. We found that the video was locked and deleted on Reddit by the moderators. But neither Pokimane nor Twitch reacted to anything personally about the incident. However, we feel empathy for the famous Moroccan-Canadian star, Pokimane. 

With a massive number of fan followers, Pokimane is one of the biggest stars of Twitch. Besides this, one of the commentators on Reddit claimed to post the video illegally. However, some fans are considering that Twitch can face issues due to this recent Pokimane viral video on various social media platforms, including Telegram

We have mentioned the links to social media platforms where you can find the video of November 15. However, it is shameful to make a video viral about any woman as it disrespects someone’s individuality and fundamental rights. At last, the star continues with the show after managing the incident, which is remarkable and praised by many. 

We are against all those who humiliate or disrespect any women.  

Social Media Links 

Final Verdict

The video of the Twitch star Pokimane got viral while she was shooting the show when she got half-body naked incidentally. Unfortunately, the camera was on, so it captured the movement viral on various social media. However, the video was deleted by the moderators later.

What are your opinions for this happening? Please comment. 

Pokimane Wardrobe Reddit– FAQs

Q1. When does the video go viral on social media platforms?

The video got viral on November 15, 2022.

Q2. What is the age of Pokimane?

She is 26 years old.

Q3. Which shows she was streaming when this awkward event happened to her?

This incident happened when she was streaming Overwatch 2.

Q4. Is the video still available on social media platforms?

No, the video has been locked and deleted by the moderators.

Q5. How long is this viral clip?

Pokimane Wardrobe viral clip leaked on Reddit is for 0.03 sec.

Q6. What was the action of Twitch authority?

They are still reasonable and don’t respond to this viral video accident.

Q7. On which social media platform did this video get viral?

The video gets viral on Reddit, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. 

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