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Dive into Sabadou com Virginia Completo Horario, a Saturday night extravaganza filled with music, games, and laughter!

Sabadou with Virginia captivated Worldwide audiences with its blend of music, storytelling, and humour. With Virginia’s family joining in, first episode surprises its viewers with heartfelt moments. From intimate confessions to playful banter, show offers a unique peek into Virginia’s world, making Sabadou com Virginia Completo Horario a must-watch event.

About Sabadou com Virginia Completo:

“Sabadou with Virginia” premiered on April 6th, 2024, at 10:15 pm Brasília time, coinciding with Virginia Fonseca’s 25th birthday. It airs on Saturdays on SBT and features music, storytelling, games, and audience interaction. During premiere episode, Virginia’s husband, Zé Felipe, and her in-laws were guests on show. 

About Sabadou com Virginia Completo
About Sabadou com Virginia Completo

Lucas directed a segment called “Biscoito ou Bolacha,” while Margareth advised in “Maga Margara.” show included humorous moments, such as a discussion on intimate matters and playful banter about Virginia’s mother’s panties. Despite being in its early stages, show scored 5.1 points, placing SBT in second position for time slot, behind TV Globo’s “Altas Horas.”

Virginia received a birthday cake at the Sabadou com Virginia Horario show to celebrate her 25th birthday, but it fell, sparking a playful food fight on stage. Lucas dressed as a pop diva to sing “Happy Birthday” to Virginia in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired moment. Virginia thanked her audience, family, and SBT team for their support. 

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About host of Sabadou com Virginia Horario:

Virginia Pimenta da Fonseca Serrao Costa, born on April 6th, 1999, in Danbury, Connecticut, is a prominent businesswoman, digital influencer, and presenter based in Brazil and United States. Standing at 1.67 meters tall, she holds dual American and Brazilian citizenship. Her family includes her father-in-law, Leonardo, brother-in-law, John William, and brother-in-law, Pedro Leonardo. 

About host of Sabadou com Virginia Horario
About host of Sabadou com Virginia Horario

The host of Sabadou com Virginia Horario was married singer Ze Felipe around 2021 and has two daughters. In 2021, Virginia faced scrutiny regarding her pregnancy announcement, accused by some of seeking fame and fortune. Nonetheless, her influence and entrepreneurial spirit remain undeniable, with her family expanding as she anticipates her third child with Ze Felipe, named Jose Leonardo.

About Virginia Pimenta da Fonseca Serrao Costa Career:

Virginia rose to fame through her YouTube channel, which boasts over 11.5 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views. Her career kicked off at 16 when she began creating content, eventually transitioning to DJing before partnering with YouTuber Pedro Rezende, amplifying her visibility and becoming the host of Sabadou com Virginia Completo. However, a subsequent breakup led to legal complications and a hefty fine. 

Her relationship with Ze Felipe further bolstered her social media presence, leading to numerous brand collaborations and music video appearances. Despite her success, Virginia faced criticism for her limited English proficiency and alleged exploitation of her personal life for social media engagement. 

Despite accusations, she continued to expand her business ventures, launching three companies: Talisman Digital, We Pink, and SK Aesthetic. Forbes reported that her brand earned approximately R$10 million within a month of its launch. Virginia’s professional endeavours and as a host of Sabadou com Virginia Completo haven’t been without controversy, including accusations of plagiarism and product scams. Her cosmetics line faced criticism for false advertising.

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Boost by social media presence:

Virginia’s massive social media following drew viewers to “Sabadou with Virginia,” eager to see their favourite influencer in action. First episode brimmed with excitement as Virginia’s family joined in for music, games, and heartfelt moments, creating an unforgettable and entertaining experience for all. Show will be telecasted every Saturday night.

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