10 Simple Ways To Start Using Video In Your Business

Top 10 Simple Ways To Start Using Video In Your Business

Marketing and running a successful business go hand in hand. And to run a successful business, it is necessary to keep evolving the marketing strategies and adapt to the changing times.

This is why the use of technology has greatly helped businesses save time and money. For instance, companies can post it on their social media handles instead of advertising on giant billboards to reach out to a larger mass.

Ten Simple Ways to Start Using Video in Your Business

When starting with video marketing, ideas often lack flow. Most businesses face the same problem, which is a shortage of content. 

  1. An Introduction Video 

An introduction video is one of the simplest and best ways of introducing your company. With the help of an animation, you can easily explain to your audience our company. 

People tend to remember what they see better than what they read. When you pair graphics or moving images with audio sounds, it is easier for people to register the company or its products from the beginning. 

  1. Describe Your Workflow 

After introducing your company or its product, the next step is to talk more about it. It reminds the audience of your previous video and helps them to remember it better.

 You can also share facts, statistics, and technical knowledge about your product or service. It helps them register the product better.

  1. Testimonials  or Customer Review 

What better way to make a customer believe in your company than sharing a video of a previous client? In a testimonial video, you can invite one of your previous customers to come and talk about their problem and how your product solved it.

It is an effective marketing strategy and helps build trust and confidence in your customers. A testimonial video is highly helpful, especially when you’re new to the industry and people know nothing about you. 

  1. Following Random Trends on the Social Media Platform 

It may seem out of the box and unusual. But, it is true. Each social media platform has its working algorithm. The algorithm is the primary way to reach a larger mass. If you understand how this works, you are already one step ahead of your competitors.

Playing along with the latest trends on social media platforms is a way of defeating their algorithm. For instance, when you edit a video online, you can insert trendy audio that will help you reach more people than any other. 

  1. Share Valuable Information

A good audience likes nothing more than being informed and aware of what’s happening around them. Social media videos are a fun and light way to entertain and share valuable information with them.

It is not necessary to share what’s happening within your company. Rather, you can always talk about related things and how they can affect your audience.

Further, you can also relate to the problem by offering your product as a solution. For example, if your company is a skincare brand, your video can be about the city’s rising pollution levels.

Here, you can talk about how pollution negatively affects people’s skin and how your skincare brand can help. This is an excellent way of spreading awareness and marketing simultaneously. 

  1. Sharing The Company’s Ideals and Beliefs

While purchasing a product, customers often want to know more about who and what they are dealing with. Instead of including the section “What we believe in” in the about section of your company’s website, effectively use your social media platforms to establish your company’s values.

Show your audience the steps you take to ensure that your customer receives top-quality products in a dedicated time frame.

For instance, if you are a company creating customized handmade cards, introduce your team members over a video. Further, show glimpses of the work process to make your audience understand the efforts you and your teammates put behind in making their products.

  1. A Journey to the Past

Do you have an interesting story on how your company came into existence? How about you show them to your customers? Talk to your customers about how your company was made.

This not only helps you share the roots of your company with your audience but also helps in establishing the reality and authenticity of your existence. It is a great way of connecting with the audience and letting them into your company. 

  1. Elaborate On the Work Process

Do you have a particular work order process that you follow each time? How about you make a video on it? Share your work process with your customers and tell them how exactly you work. This can be right from the time of collecting the order till the delivery of the product.

Instead of a regular animated video, you can also shoot video inside the office premises. This is also a great way of getting your audience to connect with you better.

For instance, if you are a chocolate-making company that creates customized chocolates, you can show how you create chocolate using hygienic and safety protocols and the love and affection you put behind making it.

  1. Talk About an Upcoming Event or Change in Your Company

One of the best aspects of video marketing is that there is no limit to how to use it. If you have an upcoming update for an event, you can talk about it over videos. It is a fun way to keep your customers engaged.

You can keep sharing videos over a fixed time interval and reveal only a little detail each time. For instance, if you are a publishing company with an upcoming book launch, you can use video marketing to talk more about it.

  1. Appreciate the Value of Your Customers

There is nothing great a company can do for its customers than thank them for believing in the company. Videos for one of the best ways in which you can do it.

You can also invite your customers to a video collaboration to thank them. Another way is to send free products to your valuable customers and create a video about them. It is not only a great way of marketing but also a way of thanking your customers. 


Video marketing is one of the best tools companies can ask for in this digital era.

It is a great way of combining audio with pictures to help your customers remember you better. Also, it is a fun and cheaper way of interaction. What’s best? You can use it as per your creativity. What’s stopping you? Go, and create some fun videos.

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