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The write-up provides all the information about Tenafly Car Accident and the injuries. So stay tuned till the end to explore more.

Have you heard the news about the Tenafly Car Mishap? The news of the accident is spreading all over the internet, and people from the United States and all over the world want to know all the information about the accident. As this accident involved 5 teenagers, the Media are taking more interest in the news, and people want to know about the Tenafly Car Accident. If you are also among those who are willing to know about the accident, then keep up with this article to know more.

What is Tenafly Car mishappen about?

The Tenafly Car crash involved teenagers from Dumont, Tenafly, and a local town. According to the information provided by the police, On October 9, 2022, Jonathan Battaglia and Mikkel Leutgeb, along with three other passengers, had left the birthday party. After leaving the birthday party on Sunday, they met an accident on 9W. Mikkel’s car crashed in Alpine in front of the place called Montammy Golf Club. 

More about the Tenafly Car Accident

Readers are informed that the victim’s family approves all the information given below on the website gofundme.

  • Two teens, Jonathan Battaglia and Mikkel Leutgeb seem to have many critical injuries.
  • Jonathan Battaglia reports said that she broke her one leg, had a head injury, punctured lungs, brain hemorrhage, and several other injuries.
  • Mikkel Leutgeb suffered from several facial damages, a Fractured lumbar, and a broken leg.
  • The other three passengers were also severely injured and admitted to the hospital for treatment.
  • The accident happened in Alpine at Route 9W.

What is the thought of family members of the victims about the Car Crash Tenafly Nj?

Eric Grant, The father of Ariana, One of the victims of the car crash, said to the media that if none of the victims had called the police and had not informed them about the accident. Then by now, all five families would be having the funerals of the 5 teenagers as the accident was so dense.

Because of the Car accident Route 9W has been closed from both directions. Police removed the Wreckage, and all the victims were taken to different hospitals. 

At what hospital did the victims are admitted after the Tenafly Car Accident?

After the car crash, all the victims were shifted to the nearby three different hospitals because of the severe injuries. 

  • Jonathan Battaglia and Mikkel Leutgeb suffered injuries and were in a critical situation, and they were rushed to HCMC at the trauma unit by ambulance.
  • Another victim was taken to the hospital in Teaneck named Holy Name Hospital and Medical Centre.
  • Two other victims were taken to the hospital in Paterson, St. Joseph’s University Medical Center.

As Mikkel Leutgeb and Jonathan Battaglia suffered from several critical injuries, their family has made an account under their name with the accident information to collect the amount for the treatment.

Tenafly Car Accident other victims situation

Wende Grant Green, the aunt of Ariana, said that Ariana is hospitalized with several injuries like Fractured vertebrae and spine, Pierced lungs, Lacerated scalp, and A broken ankle and arm. Green, who created an account on go fund for Ariana, said it is a miracle that she is still alive. 

For now, doctors have done her scalp surgery and spine surgery. Doctors have installed six pins and 2 steel rods to support her spine. Doctors have scheduled her arm surgery on October 13, 2022. Doctors said they are trying their best to treat the victims.

Was the Tenafly Accident Yesterday an attempt to murder?

According to Eric Grint, Father of Ariana, It was not just a car accident because some cars pursued the car and intentionally banged it several times. And that caused much damage to the teenagers and the car. For now, police haven’t spoken anything about whether it was an attempt to murder or not, and detectives are thoroughly investigating the accident. 


The article provides all the information about the car accident which took place in Tenafly and how one of the passengers was severely injured from the accident. If you want to know more about Tenafly Car Accident, read here to get information of Tenafly students injuries

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