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The below article covers all the vital information about the Texas Driver Kills 7 Video and its aftermath effects.

Have you ever witnessed any accidents before? Do you know what happened in Texas? Recently, a fatal accident occurred in Texas and left the natives of the United States speechless. The fatality of the accident is so much that people go numb after hearing the news. 

The video footage of the accident went viral on various social media sites. Though many people have heard about the accident, some are still searching for the Texas Driver Kills 7 Video. Please check the entire article to find every detail about this horrible accident.

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What video went viral on social media platforms?

The whole incident happened near a shelter house. So, the surveillance video of that shelter went viral. In that video, we see a group of people waiting for the bus. They all spent a night at the shelter house and waited for the bus to return to downtown Brownsville. 

Suddenly, an SUV came and plowed into the group of people. According to the video that went Viral On Reddit, most of the people were Venezuelans. In the next aftermath video, we can see some victims lying on the ground, some of them were covered with blood, and some of them were lying motionless. 

What exactly happened that day?

On 7th May 2023, Sunday, at around 8.30 a.m., almost twenty to twenty-five Venezuelan migrants were waiting for the bus on the curb. According to the Texas Driver Kills 7 Video, an SUV came towards the group of people at full speed and drove the car into them. 

What are the consequences of this fatal accident?

First, the news revealed that almost seven people lost their lives in this accident. But now it is confirmed that a total of eight Venezuelan migrants lost their lives, and ten migrants were severely injured. Through a Twitter post, we came to know that Felix Sauceda, the police chief of Brownsville Police Department, declared the death of the migrants. 

Who is responsible for the car crash?

According to Felix Sauceda, the SUV driver was identified as George Alvarez. He is a 34-year-old man who already has a criminal record of driving while intoxicated and assault. 

George Alvarez lost his control and struck a total of eighteen people. The video that went viral on Youtube shows that, after hitting the people, George Alvarez was trying to escape from the scene, but the bystanders detained him. 

Where can we find the accident video?

You can search for the video on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube. As the accident news has become a trending topic, many people are still sharing the video on the internet. Many Tiktokers also use short clips of the accident video to make Tiktok videos. 

What was the reaction of ordinary people after watching the video?

People were stunned after watching the accident video. People continuously cursed George Alvarez for killing eight people. People want justice for those Venezuelan migrants. George Alvarez received a lot of hate comments from ordinary people. You should check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see some of those comments. 

Can we find the video on Instagram?

Unfortunately, not. You cannot find the accident video on Instagram. You might find some accident-related news or posts on Instagram, but the video is not available there. 

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The Brownsville Police Department arrested George Alvarez and charged him with killing eight people and aggravated assault on ten migrants. If you haven’t watched the video yet, you can search for it on Telegram. Otherwise, you can click the link to watch the accident footage and recent news.

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Texas Driver Kills 7 Video– FAQ Section:

Q.1 How many people lost their lives in this fatal car crash?

Ans. Eight people lost their lives, and ten people were severely injured.

Q.2 What was the color of the SUV?

Ans. Grey.

Q.3 Who witnessed the entire incident?

Ans. Cesar Romero.

Q.4 Where did the accident happen?

Ans. Near Ozanam Center.

Q.5 Was it a Range Rover?

Ans. Yes.

Q.6 Was George Alvarez intoxicated during the accident?

Ans. Police are still investigating. 

Q.7 Has the police arrest George Alvarez?

Ans. Yes.

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