Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now: Who Is Renard Spivey Bailiff? Check Latest Renard Spivey Verdict Update, And Also Know About His Sentence!

Latest News Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now

Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now? If you want to know his exact location, you should stay connected with us until the end.

Have you heard about Patricia’s murder case? This is the most trending news nowadays, and people want to know the current status of Renard Spivey. Many people in the United States, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, and Canada are searching Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now? So, today we will discuss the current location and where he is serving his punishment. 

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Current Status of Renard Spivey

Renard Spivey has been accused of murdering his wife, Patricia. So, he was found guilty before the court and was given a life imprisonment charge of killing his wife. Currently, he has been spending his life in the Harris County Jail. However, there is no latest update on his current status. But, he is believed to serve his punishment in Harris County. Kindly read the next section to know his guilt.

Renard Spivey Verdict Update

Renard and Patricia were happy until some misunderstanding invaded their relationship and ruined their life. Patricia is dead now, and Renard is serving life imprisonment. The final verdict of the court is revealed on many online sources. The last verdict is that Renard was blamed for killing his wife, which is proved with proper evidence.

Further, we will tell you about what happened between the couple and how it resulted in murder. So, please keep following us till the end.

Patricia Murder Story

As per online reports, Patricia and Spivey had conflicts regarding their married life. On Sunday morning at 3, Patricia held a gun, and Renard Spivey Bailiff struggled to get it back. But, by mistake, Patricia had a shotgun on his leg. As a result, Renard was wounded and tried to get the gun. Maybe in anger, he pointed the gun at Patricia and fired two gunshots at her. Consequently, she died. 

Later, Renard called the cops and told them about this incident. As per the police officials, they told the complete story that they received a call from Renard. They reached the crime scene and took Patricia and Renard to the hospital. Renard’s wife was declared dead, while Renard suffered severe injuries. He was hospitalized for a few days.

Renard Spivey Sentence

As we told our readers earlier, Renard was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment, but there is no latest update. There is only a single update regarding the verdict of the court. He is in the Harris County Jail and spending his life there for his crime.

What Blames Patricia put on Renard?

As per sources, Patricia always blamed Renard for having external affairs and consuming a lot of steroids. Their marital life was full of certain problems. She even talked to his brother about Renard and his external marital affairs. Renard’s brother-in-law had a conversation some hours before this murder. He reported this to the cops. But everything went downhill, and the problems were not sorted out. Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now? He is serving lifetime internment in the Harris County Jail.

Spivey worked as Bailiff.

As per online reports, Spivey worked from 2012 to 2016 in a television courtroom drama named Justice For All. He worked as the Bailiff with Judge Cristina Perez. Due to this, he was popularly known as the Bailiff. But there is no additional information on it. 

Before that, he also worked as Deputy with the Houston Sheriff’s office (Harris County). He had a good image and was known for his work.

When did the couple get engaged?

Patricia studied in high school named Jack Yates. As per Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now, they got married, but the exact information on their wedding date has not been mentioned yet.

Note: All details are gathered from web or internet sources. We do not blame anyone based on their criminal activities. We only provide information after collecting it from various online sites. So, kindly take it as an informative post and not personal.

Final Summary

Summing up this post, we have shared every possible detail on the death of Patricia. Also, we have shared details on how Renard killed Patricia. Moreover, the readers can also know the exact location of Renard. So, we have answered the question: Where Is Renard Spivey Today Now? Such acts are offensive and should not be repeated. 

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