Woman Heart Health Tips for the working Woman (Nov-2022)

Complete Information About Woman Heart Health Tips

Billy Joel, one of my top songwriters and singers when I was younger, may not have known that he gave us an important hint that “working too much can cause us heart attacks” yak, yak”.

“The scientific evidence has proved that it is true! You’ve guessed that it’s worse for women. Women employed in corporations across America have been proven to be at risk of heart attacks at rates that are seven times that of their non-working female friends. Why? It’s stressful. But, how can stress cause this?

What is the Main Reason for Stress and what Impact it has on Women’s Heart Health?

Here’s the deal. The men in the workforce react to stress by producing testosterone. Male energy (force) is a result of testosterone. However, when women are using excessive masculine energy, and are under stress, they’re fueled by the increase in cortisol, one of the hormones that cause stress. 

Biochemically cortisol lowers the progesterone levels in our body which can result in imbalances with testosterone and estrogen and testosterone. All of this could cause “stress” (apple form) belly and the resulting possibility of developing diabetes as well as heart disease.

How can You Reduce Stress in a Working Woman Heart Health?

So, what is a professional woman to do?? It’s possible to start by learning about the power source that is feminine. Female forms of power have transformed the world, and I’ve found greater professional success as well as less stress through using these special powerhouses. We can also learn to reset or recharge our own energy.

The Woman’s Heart Health Tip

  • Breathe deeply and take a few breaths as we draw in the serenity.
  • Simple yoga poses throughout the day can help relieve tension.
  • The support of our colleagues can also help ease our stress.
  • Drink healthy food along with plenty of fluids.
  • Pause outside for a walk or exercise break in the middle of the day.
  • Make sure you set aside time to allow yourself an opportunity to rest between achieving results. (More on transition times and rituals to come later)

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