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Write for Us + Industry Guest Post

The article Write for Us + Industry Guest Post describes the necessary guidelines to be followed while writing guest posts for Go review cart site.

Industries are the secondary sector, which acts as the backbone of any country. But due to COVID, many new industries have been affected and emerged due to the pandemic, and we must analyze the trends to lift these industries. So, our go review cart team has devised the idea of publishing the Write for Us + Industry Guest Post articles to shed the limelight on the industrial sectors 

Introduction to our platform

The Go review cart is a well-known platform known for its superior content. We have a diverse reader base, including businessmen, academic persons, scholars, educators, students, young people, and the elderly. Because we publish content for the entire world, our readers are spread across many countries.

The top-notch quality of our content comes under the topic of

  • Reviewing the website and products
  • All technological advancements,
  • Lifestyle and health
  • Travel
  • Money
  • Trading news updates
  • Gaming and shopping tips

Write for Us + Industry guest post article required qualifications 

The industry is a broader and more conventional topic. It is necessary to address the basic information circling the industry. Still, as our readers are more dynamic, we want the articles to be a blend of dynamic and static topics. Let us get into the qualification details for writing the guest posts.

  • Industrial and civil engineers, executive candidates, financial graduates, policymakers, and testing team members are welcome to share their knowledge with our readers which will surely create an impact on our readers.
  • For writing “Write for Us Industry” articles, we didn’t outline the mandatory experience for the authors because we wanted our topic to be covered by even a small industrial person. Irrespective of the size of the industry, the person who owns the industry can boldly display their experience.
  • Graduates of industrial engineering can shed their knowledge on the basics of the types of industries and the workings of each Industry. Foundation knowledge is essential to know about recent events in our economy, but authors can present the basic topics more practically instead of conveying them as college lecture notes.
  • Young unicorn startup industrialists can also make their attempt; provided everyone has to write Industry Write for Us articles in simple English.
  • People can quote the relationship between the economy and industrial growth because it can be the most crucial part of addressing this topic. As citizens of a country, everyone needs to know about their country’s performance. We want our readers to experience that, so try to incorporate economic knowledge to enlighten our readers’ minds.
  • Industrialists are heartily welcome to share their real-time experiences with our readers. We are more intrigued to know about the Real-time experience of an industrialist 
  • The people who are associated with any industries can become our Write for Us + Industry Guest Post authors if they have a valuable piece of content to share.

The topics of suggestion are,

  • The most recent industry trends
  • The importance of industrial growth for a company
  • The role of citizens in the growth of the industry
  • Types of industries and their applications
  • Women’s labor force in industries
  • Labour rules and acts to govern various industries
  • The role of artificial intelligence in industries
  • The impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on industrial performance
  • The performance of industries before and following COVID can be discussed in the “Write for Us” + Industry article.

As we have said before, we want our guest post contributors to choose more practical topics, and these are the suggestions on our part. If the guest post authors can contribute many different topics, that is encouraged, but the articles should be more informative and useful to our readers.

Writers should research well and then they have to choose their topic. our team will assist in choosing the titles if needed.

Guidelines on how to present the articles

The authors should compulsorily adhere to the following guidelines while writing the  Industry + “Write for Us” articles:

  • Articles should be written in English without any grammatical or spelling errors. We, humans, tend to make errors but tend to rectify them before submitting them.
  • This article should be grammatically perfect with a Grammarly score of 98+
  • The guest post authors shouldn’t copy-paste any content. Please come up with innovative and original ideas, and writers must ensure the plagiarism value is below 2%.
  • The SEO strategy helps the article get more impressions, so authors can search for the trending keywords associated with this topic, “industry,” and incorporate these keywords into the Industry “Write for Us” articles.
  • The use of necessary internal and external links helps to decrease the spam value of the articles, so authors should include the links at the bottom of the article in a highlighted manner.
  • Using graphs and charts helps the easier understanding of the topics, but the images and charts shouldn’t be copywritten.
  • The word length of the topic can range between 1000 and 1500.
  • Articles should be backed up with authentic sources and reports like the Global Outlook Reports and WEO Reports. It increased the credibility of the article.
  • This Write for Us + Industry Guest Post article should be backed up with an authentic source. Please don’t spread any false or fake information.

Availing benefits for the authors 

Our Go Review Cart offers great recognition to our writers. Exposure is the key to shine in the writing industry. Because we have a diverse customer base, the writer can learn about customers’ needs and interests. It will be more helpful for their future work.

We are a team who are proud of our writers so the post will be shared under the name of the respective authors, so many people will get to know about the authors’ credentials.

How to submit the Write for Us + Industry Guest Post article?

Authors of guest posts should send their articles to this [email protected]. Our team will respond as early as possible. For easy communication, the authors are requested to enclose their contact details along with the article. The selected articles will be notified to the authors.


All guest post contributors are requested to read through the terms and conditions of our website before submitting the article. The rights to the article will be transferred to our team after the selection of the articles. We are pleased to accept the Industry guest post topics from the Write for Us + Industry Guest Post authors 

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