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Have you seen the recent viral video of an alligator attack in which an older woman lost her life? Are you searching for more information about the online video? People are sharing a video mainly on the internet about a wild alligator attacking the innocent. The video is much discussed in the Philippines, United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, get through the contents of the below post to learn further about the Alligator Attack Full Video Reddit incident and much more. Examine the links for further reference. 

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Details about the Alligator attack viral video

Reportedly, on 23rd February 2023, an 85-year-old lady, Gloria serge, was walking near the lake in Florida with her dog. The video Viral On Reddit was captured by a wildlife camera showing the footage of the horrible incident. 

The older woman was looking at the other side when the raptor lunged at the dog, and to save her pet, she jumped in front of the raptor afterwards; it dragged the woman deep into the water and later the woman was declared as no more. 

Further clippings of the Alligator attack 

In a hurry, the woman called 911, and one of the voice recordings went viral on Youtube; the audio is about the conversation between the old woman and the official name Carol Thomas. The alligator was too fast, and they could not reach the site in time. 

It is reported that the raptor kept her down in the water for nearly eight minutes, and afterwards, the body was found floating up in the water. 

What is the police investigation updates on the case? 

After the video started circulating on Instagram, the police stated that after much effort, FWC caught the alligator. Still, people should stay attentive and pay attention to their surroundings to avoid repeating the same incident. 

What was the public reaction to the attack? 

What was the public reaction to the attack 

Neithzens were left shocked after the video of the attack got viral. Many people admired the bravery of the old lady Gloria serge and appreciated her sacrifice for her dog after watching the Twitter clip. But many people were worried about their safety and requested the authorities to take strict measures. 

Is the attack video available on online networks? 

Yes, the video is circulating online, but some parts of the recording are categorized as sensitive and not appropriate for the public’s eye. So, in some regions, it has been cut off. An audio clip recording the conversation between Carol and Gloria is also viral on the Telegram platform to inform people about the incident. 

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Final Summary 

Hence, an advisory is issued by the wildlife department to avoid going near the lake for the time being and stay safe. In case of any trouble, they can call for help. 

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Alligator Attack Full Video Reddit: FAQs

Q1. What was the alligator attack? 

The alligator attacked the elder woman, Gloria, intending to hurt her. 

Q2. Who is the lady in the video? 

The lady’s name was Gloria Serge, the dog owner. 

Q3. When did the incident occur? 

The horrifying incident happened on 24th January 2023.

Q4. Did the woman survive the attack? 

No, the woman was dead until help arrived at the scene. 

Q5. Where can you find the Florida Woman Alligator Real Video?

The video can be found on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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