Gloria Serge Video Reddit: When Will Obituary Happen? Is The Full Alligator Tape Present? Check Now!

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This article provides information on the Gloria Serge Video Reddit and describes Gloria’s obituary and funeral information.

Do you want new updates on the Gloria Serge video and incident? Everyone from countries like the United States and others wants to know about the funeral of Gloria Serge and what happened after the incident. 

In this article, you will learn everything related to the Gloria Serge Video Reddit and shed some light on Gloria’s funeral and obituary.

Is the alligator attacking video available on Reddit?

The alligator attacking video of Gloria Serge is available on different social media platforms, including Reddit. The users can find other links on Reddit related to the incident, along with the user’s discussion on the attack. 

Gloria Serge Obituary

An obituary is mentioned on the internet where you can find information about Gloria Serge from her loved ones. Gloria Serge died on February 20, 2023, from an alligator attack at 85. 

Gloria’s loved ones posted their thoughts and feelings about Gloria’s demise, and you can see that everyone loves Gloria. However, the funeral date is yet to be announced as there’s no funeral information mentioned on the internet or obituary. 

What are the actions taken by the government?

The government took strict action as it is not the first time it happened in the United States, as seen in Gloria Serge Full Alligator Video. However, the authorities decided to shut down the beaches and nearby areas so that the FWC could catch the nuisance alligators. 

The whole story of the Gator video 

An old lady named Gloria Serge was walking with her dog near the river present at Fort Pierce retirement community when suddenly an alligator came out from the river. The alligator tried to take Gloria’s dog but took Gloria with him into the river instead.

The people in the area shouted and called for help, recorded in the Gloria Serge Video Reddit. People called 911, and the police arrived in the situation along with the authorities to catch the alligator. 

The reaction of FWC after catching the alligator

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) mentioned in the interview that catching the alligator is difficult. The alligator who attacked Gloria was a nuisance that is dangerous for people, and it’s a rare situation in Florida. 

Other alligator incidents in Florida

There was a case in which an older woman fell into the pond and was killed by two alligators on the spot, like Gloria Serge Video Reddit. However, the woman tried to escape from the pond, but she got stuck on the point. 

In another case at Boca Royale Golf and Country Club in 2022, two alligators killed a woman. 

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Final Words 

The alligator who attacked Gloria is caught by the officials and taken to a place where it can grow naturally and be safe from human interactions. Check here for more information.

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Gloria Serge Video Reddit: FAQs

1: Has anyone come forward from Gloria’s family?

A: No information is mentioned related to it.

2: What is the name of the neighbour?

A: Corole Thomas 

3: Who called 911 during the attack?

A: Corole called the officials. 

4: Did the authorities catch the alligator?

A: Yes, the FWC came and took the alligator away.

5: What are the opinions of authorities on the attack?

A: The authorities warned people not to roam near the lake, especially with their pets. 

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