Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download : What Happened With The Wisconsin Volleyball Team ? Check Details !

Latest News Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download

Read exclusive reviews to know the performance of Wisconsin after Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download and pictures went viral last week.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team proved ‘difficulties make you tougher!’ The Worldwide discussion about Wisconsin Badgers that started since 20th-October after their private pictures were made viral is still ongoing. But, with their outstanding performance in the game on 1st-October-2022, people appreciated them. However, the attempts to degrade their morals and confidence continued with new videos and pictures added.

Let’s check in-depth details of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download.

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Latest update of Wisconsin Volleyball Team video:

You may know that on 19th October 2022, private pictures and videos of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team celebrating their victory in the locker room went viral on social media. The initial pictures and videos were posted on @itsfunnydude11 Twitter account. The private picture showed twelve Badgers posing for a photo. 

The latest leaked private video of twelve Badgers showed them celebrating and dancing in the locker room after their victory. The video showed the sensational casual dance of Badgers on the music in low lighting and balloons scattered over in the locker room. What Happened With The Wisconsin Volleyball Team? Let’s check in further sections. 

The appearance of Laura Schumacher, Liz Gregorski, and Anna Smrek from the Wisconsin Team was widely discussed on the internet as viewers got obsessed. Laura said that she did not want to get highlighted for improper things.

Between 22nd October and 23rd October 2022, an additional video was added on the internet! @itsfunnydude11 had added 13 private pictures and 11 private videos of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team. Finally, it is anticipated that 44 private pictures, including videos, are now on the internet about tagged as  Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download!

When a few Wisconsin Badgers came across the pictures, they reported it to UW-Madison Police Department, who removed the private pictures and videos. However, it was too late. The censored pictures were present on many websites. The police continues to investigate multiple crimes related to the incident and results are awaited.

The @itsfunnydude11 Twitter account, which posted the videos and pictures, was suspended. Further, the URL: https://twitter.com/the_legendyt/status/1584404375601963011, which included the video, was also blocked. Several Twitter pages hosted the videos, including:

  • itsfunnydude11 twitter,
  • danielsjhared twitter,
  • fapello,
  • adventureneely twitter,
  • 4chan,
  • qjayy2,
  • qjayy2 twitter,
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  • laura Schumacher leaked, Etc.

Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download was viewed by many users and offered on the internet for free viewership and importing.

What Happened in The Wisconsin Volleyball Team match?

The Wisconsin Volleyball Team returned to the game on Friday, 21st-October-2022. The Wisconsin Volleyball Team played against Michigan’s Spartans(MSU).

The Wisconsin Volleyball Team defeated MSU in three straight sets with 25:22, 25:16, and 25:15 and winning the match. The Wisconsin Volleyball Team had 14:3, 8:1 in the Big 10 and a hitting percentage of .337 derived from 43 kills, 13 errors, and 89 attempts. 

Sarah Franklin, Danielle Hart, and Devyn Robinson added 10 kills each without getting affected by Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download scam. Hart contributed to a hitting percentage of .750 with 10 kills, 1 error, and 12 attempts, which included the final set performance of 6 kills, 0 errors, and 7 attempts. Sarah was transferred to Wisconsin this February and made her place in the team due to her skills.

Izzy Ashburn contributed to Wisconsin Badgers by putting 21 helpers in assists. Further, MJ Hammill supported against MSU offense with 11 assists. Crawford led the defense matrices with eight blocks, followed by Anna Smrek and Franklin blocking four times. Caroline Crawford is well known for defense due to her height of 6.3 feet.

Irrespective of scam involving Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download, with these three players, Wisconsin out-blocked MSU by 10:8 at the net. Enhancing their star performance, Orzol made seven saves, and Guctekin led the Wisconsin Batches with 11 saves.

In the first set, MSU gave tough competition to Wisconsin. At a point in time, the teams were at 21:20.  The effort of Orzol’s two kills and Crawford’s service ace gave Wisconsin a lead of 24:20, winning the first set.

In the second set, Wisconsin proceeded with five blocks and came up with a wide difference of 25:16, followed by four blocks in the third set again with a wide difference of 25:15, defeating the motive behind Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download

With their performance, Wisconsin achieved a conference standing of 1st place, a conference record of 17-3, and an overall record of 31-3, making their way to postseason NCAA Champions.


Wisconsin shined out of all odds. It must be noted that Wisconsin Volleyball team leaked twitter videos are not specifically related to individual player. After Wisconsin won matches from 21-October, belittler continued their vain efforts by posting videos on 22nd-23rd October. We hope Wisconsin Volleyball Team will prove their toughness to faultfinders.

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Wisconsin leaked Twitter videos – FAQs:

1Q. How many winning streaks did Wisconsin have?

1A. UW now has a Big-10 winning streak of nine matches.

2Q. What hitting percentage Wisconsin confined MSU?

2A. UW confined MSU at a hitting percentage of .093, making MSU the fifth opponent with a hitting percentage less than .100. Click here to know more about volleyball statistics.

3Q. How many Wisconsin Badgers played in the match?

3A. All Seventeen Wisconsin Badgers played the match.

4Q. How many blocks Wisconsin had after Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Twitter Video Download scam?

4A. Ten blocks, making its 10th match with great double-figure blocks.


  1. Wisconsin is the highest ranked University level volleyball team, with a 7-1 record in the Big 10 Championship and ranked #5 in the USA.
  2. At the NCAA level, Wisconsin had won unrivaled by other teams.
  3. Wisconsin is the only team to compete for nine years in a row in the Sweet-16.
  4. Wisconsin is the only team to continuously take place in the final-4 from the last three seasons.

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